Designed and developed to safeguard core business processes
and govern operational procedures

Each of the iLinkAir software modules
can be deployed independently or integrated collectively
as part of a pre-configured software through an API (e.g Xero)


Task Sender

Simple task management for your field workers.

Giving you the flexibility to schedule one task to many people, or many tasks to one person. Reduces the time it takes to schedule work to your team and increase task visibility.

Comprehensive reports allow you to see work that has been completed, work that is currently in progress, and future work, as well as the average start time of the first job of the day.

Asset Manager

Allows you to manage and track all types of your assets - tools, vehicles, heavy machinery, trailers, any asset you own. Track your asset by company, branch, department and asset type.

Non-tracked assets: Asset Manager allows you to upload images, scan asset bar-codes and manually enter last known location.

Tracked assets: Asset Manager allows you to track your asset’s real time location. The system supports the following tracking devices:
- Wired tracking - vehicles, trucks, generators and plant equipment
- Solar battery powered tracking - any non-battery powered assets
- Data logger - any small equipment
- Tool tag - small assets

Waste Management System

We have a end to end solution,

  • Truck scheduling, Truck GPS monitoring,

  • Customer management, Supplier management

  • Customer volume reporting, Weight scale integration

  • Accounting integration

Product Warranty Portal

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Product warranty system.

Manages the return of warranty products and the resolution of the claim until the products has been repaired or replaced.

Allows the online ordering of products for the OEM by its distributor.

iLink Process Management Framework Platform

  • CRM sales tracker

  • Rental software solutions

  • Stock manager

  • Online sales and payment gateway

  • Container and trailer tracking solutions

  • Farm to shop produce solutions

  • IOT tagging solutions using a range of asset tags and tracking devices